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March 2020 Keihoku viewing party


(four)est project

Hello everyone.

There will be a (four)est “viewing party” March 22, from 13:00 to 16:00 in Keihoku. Kawaguchi-san, the owner of Kikuya Café, has agreed to host the event again. Her café is on Route 477 near my painting (see attached map).

There will be a simple “o kamado o kudosan” meal and drink available for ¥1,000. If you would like to attend please rsvp by March 19.

A car is recommended for transportation. People without a car can maybe carpool with those that do.

Kikuya Cafe: Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Keihoku Shimokuroda-cho Tsuruno 45-banchi
For more information about Keihoku visit the Keihoku Kuroda Station Project website

As always, thanks for your support. I hope to see you soon.

- Robert


(four)est プロジェクト


(four)est「お披露目パーティー」は、3月22日の13:00から16:00まで京北で開催します。きくや カフェのオーナーである川口さんは、このイベントをまた 開催することに快諾してくださいました。 彼女のカフェは私の絵の近くのルート477にあります(添付地図参照)。</span >

シンプルな「お竈 おくどさん」で炊いたご飯とおつけもの、具だくさんのトン汁、京北の野菜のサラダなどのお食事と飲み物を準備していただきます。参加費は1,000円です。もし 出席いただけるようでしたら3月19日 までにお返事をお願いします</span >

交通手段は、自家用車がおすすめです。車で 来られる 方に カープールを お願いしたい と思いますので ご協力 ください</span >

きくや カフェ: 京都市右京区京北下黒田町鶴野45番地. </span >


- ロバート




33 journal


I am pleased to announce I am featured in the premiere issue of 33, a biannual literary journal devoted to the Checklist.  It is published by Edition Haus am Gern in Switzerland and has a limited run of 100, plus a special typewritten edition of 10.  Purchase it directly from the publisher for €14.







(four)est project


Hello everyone.


The summer (four)est “viewing party” will be June 30th, from 13:00 to 17:00 in Miyama.  Tanigawa-san, the owner of Matatabi Café, has agreed to host the event.  Her café is on Route 38 near my painting (see map).

The café serves basic “kissaten” food and drinks. 

A car is recommended for transportation. You can also take the JR Sanin Main Line to Hiyoshi Station via Sonobe and then take a bus from there. It is about 2 km south-west of Miyama Kayabuki-no-Sato (5 minutes by car / 30 minutes on foot)

If you would like to attend please rsvp by June 23rd.

Matatabi Cafe:

Hirode 62-2Uchikubo Miyama-cho Nantan-shi Kyoto-fu

For more information:


As always, thanks for your support.  I hope to see you soon.


- Robert



(four)est プロジェクト




夏の (four)est「お披露目パーティー」は、6月30日の13:00から17:00まで美山 で開催します。マタタビ カフェのオーナーである 谷川-さんは、このイベントを 開催することに快諾してくださいました。 彼女のカフェは私の絵の近くのルート38にあります(添付地図参照)。


喫茶店スタイルの 料理 と 飲み物を用意しております。


交通手段は、自家用車がおすすめです。また 電車に乗る ことが できます: JR山陰本線 日吉駅に を経由して 園部. そこ から バスに 乗って。 場所は 約2km 南西 美山 かやぶきの里で です (車で5分 /徒歩30分).




マタタビ カフェ:






- ロバート






(four)est project


Hello everyone.


The first (four)est “viewing party” of 2019 will be March 24th, from 13:00 to 17:00 in Keihoku. Kawaguchi-san, the owner of Kikuya Café, has agreed to host the event again. Her café is on Route 477 near my painting (see map below).

There will be a simple “o kamado o kudosan” meal and drink available for ¥1,000. If you would like to attend please rsvp by March 21st. 

A car is recommended for transportation. But if there are enough people we can maybe rent a private bus. Another option is carpool. People with cars can take people without cars. If you are interested let us know by March 15th.


Kikuya Cafe: Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Keihoku Shimokuroda-cho Tsuruno 45-banchi
For more information about Keihoku visit the Keihoku Kuroda Station Project website

For more information about bus or carpool transportation contact be-kyoto: [email protected]

As always, thanks for your support. I hope to see you soon.

- Robert



(four)est プロジェクト




2019年の最初 (four)est「お披露目パーティー」は、3月24日の13:00から17:00まで京北で開催します。きくや カフェのオーナーである川口さんは、このイベントをまた 開催することに快諾してくださいました。 彼女のカフェは私の絵の近くのルート477にあります(下の地図参照)。


シンプルな「お竈 おくどさん」で炊いたご飯とおつけもの、具だくさんのトン汁、京北の野菜のサラダやお食事と飲み物を準備していただきました。参加費は1,000円です。もし に出席いただけるようでしたら3月21日 までにお返事をお願いします


交通手段は、自家用車がおすすめです。もし参加者が多い時は、たぶん 送迎バスを 用意 致す ことが できます。べつの オプションは カープール です。車の ある 人は 車ないの 人を つれていく ことが できます. 参加希望の方は、3月15日までにご連絡下さい。


きくや カフェ: 京都市右京区京北下黒田町鶴野45番地. </span >


送迎バスまたは カープールの詳細につきましては にお問い合わせください be-kyoto: [email protected]




- ロバート







From the (four)est


The first “viewing party” will be June 17th, 2018 from 13:00 to 17:00 in Keihoku. Kawaguchi-san, the owner of Kikuya Café, has kindly agreed to host the event. Her café is on Route 477 near my painting (see map below).

There will be a simple “o kamado o kudosan” meal and drink available for ¥1,000. If you would like to attend please rsvp before June 15th. A car is recommended for transportation.

For more information about Kikuya Café and the Keihoku Kuroda Station project:


最初の「お披露目パーティー」は、2018</span >年617</span >日の13:00</span >から17:00</span >まで京北で開催します。きくや カフェのオーナーである川口さんは、このイベントを開催することに快諾してくださいました。 彼女のカフェは私の絵の近くのルート477にあります(下地図参照)。

シンプルな「お竈 おくどさん」で炊いたご飯とおつけもの、具だくさんのトン汁、京北の野菜のサラダやお食事と飲み物を準備していただきました。参加費は1,000</span >円です。もし に出席いただけるようでしたら6</span >月15日 までにお返事をお願いします.  交通は自家用車がおすすめです


きくや カフェ と 京北くろだ 里の駅プロジェクトでは しのご案内:






The Kyoto Shimbun

April 17, 2018 (Japanese only)


Kyoto Shinbun article




Into the (four)est


This is an open invitation to the public to come see the (four)est paintings in their natural surroundings over the next four years.


Below are driving maps from Kyoto to Kameoka, Kuta, Keihoku and Miyama, and walking maps to the paintings from the road.  While I have attempted to provide detailed directions, please be advised the paintings are not so easy to find. All of them are less than 100 meters from the road, but there are no trails and the slope of the mountain in some locations is rather steep. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.


Beginning in the summer of 2018 I will be hosting viewing parties in the forest every season. Announcements of which location and the exact date and time will be posted here. Keeping with the spirit of the project, these will be held rain or shine.


Looking forward to seeing you in the forest!





京都から亀岡、久多、京北、美山をお越しになる際は下記のドライビングマップと車道からの目的地までのウォーキングマップをご参照ください。出来る限り詳細地図を記してはおりますが、作品が見つかりにくい場合があります事を予めご了承ください。すべての作品は道路から徒歩で100m</span >以内の場所に設置致しております。展示場所は山道のため、斜面が急な場所や足元が悪い所もございますので、動きやすい服装とお履物でお越しください。


2018</span >年の初夏から季節毎に公開ビューイングイベントを行う予定です。場所や日時など詳しい詳細につきましては、こちらにてお知らせ致します。尚、公開ビューイングイベントは晴雨に関わらず開催致します。プロジェクトに引き続き変わらぬ支援をどうぞ宜しくお願い致します。





Robert Wallace

April 2018 (Kyoto)



Camera driving map




Kuta driving map




Keihoku driving map


Keihoku walking map



Miyama driving directions

Miyama walking map





 (four)est reverse




an art collaboration with Nature by Robert Wallace


April 4, 2018 – April 4, 2022

Kyoto: Kuta | Keihoku | Kameoka | Miyama



Sunday, March 25, 2018 12:00 – 18:00



I have long been inspired and influenced by the unsolicited and involuntary art collaborations between Mother Nature and Man. A concrete wall or corrugated steel siding stained by rain and wind and sun and time. Without a brush or pigment or any artist tool whatsoever Nature creates incredible pictures from and upon the most mundane man-made objects.


I can’t say what first drew me to these “found paintings”. Perhaps it was the absolute randomness of the design, the sort of wabi-sabi essence, completely free of intent. Maybe it was the furtive and clever subversion of man’s vainglorious and stupid constructions. Maybe it was a secret joy, the pleasure I got from discovering such pictures in my day-to-day travels that few others would notice or be interested in.


For years I have aspired to emulate these beautiful, natural artworks that have evolved over decades, sometimes centuries. It is futile and consequently humbling.


So after some 25 years of painting I decided to collaborate directly with Nature. I would paint some pictures and then pass them on to Her to do what She does without direction or influence from me. The (four)est project was born.


I have painted four pictures. They loosely represent the four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall), the four points of the compass (north, south, east and west) and the four elements (fire, water, air and earth). These are the forces that act upon and shape both the natural and manmade world. These paintings will be left in the forests of Kuta, Keihoku, Kameoka and Miyama in northern Kyoto for four years. Each season I will venture into the forest and document the changes. In the spring of 2022 the pictures will be repatriated to civilization and an exhibition will be held.


My motivation for this project is in part a fervent belief that the most beautiful art made by the most talented artists is always somehow inferior to the creations of Nature. The real beauty of the world is often just beyond our doorstep.







10年、時には100年もの時間を掛けて生み出される大自然の芸術品、またはその過程に大変な憧れを抱いてきました。また、そのように絵を描きたいと長年思い続けてきました。もちろん、それは到底無理な願いなのですが。。。しかし、25年以上ものあいだ絵を描いて来た今、遂に今回のプロジェクトで自然界と直接にコラボレーションをする事を決めました。私がこのプロジェクトのために描いた4つの作品をそのまま自然界へ解き放ち、その後は自然界が私の作品を最終点へ導くというバトンタッチ形式のコラボレーションです。これが今回のプロジェクト (four)est。






Robert Wallace

January 2018 (Kyoto)






Filmed over three years in Japan this short film by American artist Robert Wallace accompanies his exhibition "Checklist" at be-kyoto gallery in Kyoto.  The film will run continuously for the duration of the exhibition January 28 - February 2, 2017.









paintings by Robert Wallace

January 28 – February 2, 2017

Opening reception: Sunday, January 29th, 17:00 - 19:00


be-kyoto is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Kyoto-based American artist Robert Wallace.  This is his second solo show with the gallery.

Wallace’s unique exhibition will join the ground floor with the mezzanine of this historic 200-year-old machiya (townhouse).  Visitors are invited to become participants by removing a printed Checklist from the walls thereby changing the exhibition slightly each day.



2017128- 22

129()17 - 19時にオープニングパーティーを開催致します。







The Checklist came to me in an unexpected way in New York back in 1997.  My friend, the artist Daniel Joseph gave me a painting.  I asked him to sign it.  He turned it over and started writing.  3 or 4 minutes later he handed it back to me.  Along with his name he had written a checklist.  It was not a list of things to do, or things to remember, but random, disjointed thoughts.


The Checklist was the brainchild of Dan’s friend, artist Brian Moran.  I had seen scraps of paper with these odd, sort of free form poems around Dan’s Van Brunt St. apartment/studio in Red Hook.  Brian invited me to participate.  He outlined the "rules", which were just two: 1) the checklist must be 33 in length; 2) the last item in the list must be the word “degrees”.  Brian had been reading about Freemasonry.  33 is a significant number for this secretive international order, being the highest “degree” or level one can rise to.  Of course it has a special meaning in many cultures and religions, including Buddhism.  According to the Lotus Sutra, Kannon Bodhisattva has 33 transformations to assist in human salvation.  I was never quite sure if Brian was making a joke or if he too believed in the power of this particular number.


For me the Checklist is ephemera, little scraps of life that float into and out of ones mind.  It comes to you in the same way thoughts or other bits of text do: fragmented, broken, incomplete, disjointed, unrelated.  It can literally spring from any source.  Wherever there are words there is material for a Checklist.  One word.  A sentence.  A paragraph. 


A Checklist need not make sense or have a logical chronology.  It need not have a rhythm or flow.  It need not be thematic.  Consider the incalculable number of thoughts that flood ones mind in any given instant.  It is impossible to process it all, to listen to everything.  These itemized mental, written, verbal and aural snippets are what strike us, what make us stop for a second before we return to our train of thought, resume our activities.


The structure of a Checklist is quite simple.  It can be assembled in minutes, a spontaneous, stream-of-consciousness transcription.  Or they can evolve, as mine usually do, over weeks and months.  When one re-reads a Checklist built over time it becomes a sort of catalogue or record of ones fragmented life.  For me, these are the most successful/interesting, because they are so completely random and less prone to manipulation by daily emotion or fleeting mood.  They are the most free and ultimately poetic.


In the end a Checklist is perhaps nothing more than a vain and futile attempt to capture in writing the tiny details of ones life as they speed by too quickly and in too great a volume to ever grasp.  I endeavored with this exhibition to express visually, in paint and collage, what a Checklist is.  Embedded in each painting are Checklists written since I arrived in Japan almost three years ago.  Sometimes the words are visible and sometimes they are not; sometimes they float on the surface, sometimes they are buried deep within the painting, just as thoughts rise and sink in our head, and the vast amount of information we process is retained or discarded.  The paintings are united by materials and color palette, but lack a cohesive style, much the same way Checklists are all made up of words, but have no relation to each other.  It is the complete randomness of the mind and our lives I am inviting the viewer to consider.


Robert Wallace

November 2016 (Kyoto)










I am pleased to announce I have been included in a group exhibition at be-kyoto gallery in Kyoto, Japan.   This exhibition, which runs concurrent with Design Week Kyoto, presents the work of more than a dozen Kyoto-based artists working in a variety of mediums.  All the artwork is available in the gallery's on-line shop, BuyByBe


February 21 - 27, 2016.  Opening event Sunday, February 21st at 16:00.

For more information click on the image below, or contact Mayu Okamoto at be-kyoto gallery: tel. 81 (0)75 417 1315 or [email protected]






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