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sakura bench



Matsuo Taisha










1.    the color of water

2.    lacking credentials

3.    so self-important

4.    pointless exercises

5.    space and the echo

6.    16 fps

7.    all the doubters

8.    a great thinker

9.    try to

10.   disappearing gestures

11.   stop waiting

12.   a song to break your heart

13.   a sort of failure

14.   We’re going to start dying soon

15.   used to…

16.   something goes wrong

17.   like someone really cares

18.   having an argument with no one

19.   New York was

20.   There won’t be a biography

21.   off-line

22.   material for myths and legends

23.   digital lemmings

24.   haunted by yesterday’s martinis

25.   cotton on

26.   drinking whiskey for breakfast at a dive bar in the Village on Halloween

27.   a foreign country

28.   living all wrong

29.   a box of memories

30.   eject, eject!

31.   You’re repeating yourself You’re repeating yourself

32.   I guess we survived

33.   degrees








tatami sunlight



snow logs







In October 2022 I sent a letter to art collectors, galleries and museums announcing I was letting go of all of my artwork I had archived in a New York storage facility, a cache of some 98 paintings valued at more than $400k. Everything for free. The letter was mostly ignored. Two old friends from my early days in New York - Tom Kanellopoulos and Ron Isaac - responded with a plan. This is a short film documenting their rescue mission.











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